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Plutone (SATELLITE collection)

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Plutone (SATELLITE collection)
Plutone (SATELLITE collection)
Plutone (SATELLITE collection)
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SATELLITE, experimental porcelain jewelry collection designed & manufactured by the italian duo MONDOCUBO: "L'eleganza è fragile". Place of design: Irpinia / Italia. Place of production: Berlin / Germany. Unglazed porcelain (in sight); stainless steel. Handmade casting technique in handmade chalk moulds; drilling, grinding by hand. Firing: 1250°. Packaging by hand. Designed by Arch. Rossella Flammia & Paolo Picone (MONDOCUBO STUDIO). HANDMADE PRODUCT! Small series production. All the objects of SATELLITE collection are exquisitely handmade one piece at a time, in full respect of the worker conditions, ecological enviroment, and sustainable economy for small businesses. There may be slight imperfections and some pieces may have slight differences.

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