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Afriq Password to ubrania i dodatki dla dzieci i dorosłych. Wszystkie projekty inspirowane są Afryką, uszyte z afrykańskich tkanin. Unikatowe, ręcznie robione ubranka są zawsze testowane przez dzieci. Nasze ubrania cechują niespotykane wzory , wygoda i oryginalność. Afriq Password - clothes and accessories for Kids and Adults are all inspired by African Wax. The unique ,handmade clothes has been tasted by kids.

Best products:
Wild Sovereignty Dress
Efe Red dress/tunic
Tribal Skirt
Grey Liberty Dress
Summer Shorts
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Agi Jensen Design is the brand dedicated to those who value original taste, comfort and sophisticated nonchalance. Agi Jensen's clients are aware of themselves and their bodies. Having fun with fashion is great pleasure for them and unusual looks matters as well. Multifunctioning of clothing gives the opportunity to create plenty of different stylizations while having only three pieces in your wardrobe. Agi looked for inspiration to create her own brand during many travels. The idea turned up in Copenhagen, evolved in Dublin and finally came true in Warsaw. Agi designs agreeably to her predilections - she is a faithful client to her brand and creates a whole unit with it. Her beloved family and yoga take care of her balance and peace of mind.

Best products:
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For the last 10 years I've been a fashion designer and opened my own brand by the name "ANNA K." My studio is located in my family's building equipment work-shop. Between all the heavy metal constructions and noise somehow an inspiration emerges. This dissonance contributed a lot to my eclectic style. My line of design tends to be naive and functional. I relate to folk and retro influences and i strongly believe that getting dressed should make us happy. That is why we should adopt our own personal indie style, and that is why fashion magazines shouldn't be taken so serious...

Best products:
Light coral neon swimsuit dress
Black Mini T Shirt Dress
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b e r e k to odzież dziecięca powstała z myślą o wygodzie najmłodszych. Zamówienia i zapytania prosimy kierować na adres Tworzymy dla tych, których kochamy, dlatego ubrania zostały wykończone z solidną starannością. Unikatowe modele oraz proste wzornictwo, to główny cel naszych kolekcji. Materiały z których zostały wykonane ubrania dobieramy osobiście, jest to najwyższej jakości bawełna, która sprawia, że dzieci czują się komfortowo i wygodnie.

Best products:
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Bibi Dreams - the best for our Kids - that's our motto and main principle of activity. We are a Polish company producing high-quality clothing for children. The brand was established to help Moms, Dads and their children in daily activities, such as the age-old question: what to wear today? All the clothes are made of Polish materials (quality certified) and are sewn in Poland with the highest standards.

Best products:
Jumpsuit Bibi Dreams - Citron Taste
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Bozzolo focuses on the apparent lack of finish and quality of materials. Fabrics we use come from the best producers in Poland, the Oeko-Tex and sign the International Cotton. We create with passion for Slow Fashion.

Best products:
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Designer at

Best products:
Banksy Maid In London 90cm x 120cm Wall Sticker
Banksy Red Balloon Girl Wall Sticker 60cm x 130cm
Floral Wall Ornament - Vinyl Wall Sticker
Floral Wall Ornament - Large Wall Sticker
Banksy Style 5 x Rat Vinyl Wall Stickers
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Welcome all, small and big, at the Bubi Boo website. You'll find here unique and comfortable clothes for little explorers the World. If you're looking for elegant "adult" styling, it's not the place. Our motto is: Let children be children! So: convenient, soft and colorful! Only the highest quality materials, which allow freedom of movement and fabulous colors! We hope you will like our ideas

Best products:
Stormy Jumper
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Bunny W. projektuje modę z drugiej strony lustra. Mieszka w Warszawie , gdzie z myślą o każdej "Alicji" odszywa swoje kolekcje. Moda dla dziewczyn, które szukają unikalnych ubrań, odszywanych w krótkich seriach, dobrych gatunkowo i po prostu NA CZASIE:)

Best products:
Bunny White- Magic Blouse
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We design multi-functional accessories: wrappers, snoods, shawls, scarves, jersey necklaces Zamotki®, mobile and notebook accessories, leather bags & purses, winter accessories: hats & warmers. We refer to a traditional methods of production, all our products are handmade, also great deal of them are inspired by the Philosophy of Trashion which puts a pressure on care about environment. All of those reasons guarantee that our accessories are unique and one of a kind. Along with our accessories we wish to share with You our passion and inspire You play with Your look.

Best products:
Snood Shawl Wrapper Sweats BURGUNDY
Gray INFINITY Scarf Jersey Snood with Leather Cuff
Navy INFINITY Scarf Snood with Leather Cuff
Violet INFINITY Scarf Snood with Leather Cuff
Wrapper Shawl Waistcoat BROWNIE
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Designer Jewelry made of different materials.

Best products:
Amber brown drops in mesh - earrings
Matt drops in mesh - earrings
Blue drops in mesh - earrings
Violet drops in mesh - earrings
Black drops in mesh - earrings
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Funk E Angels London evolved in the East End in 2012. by creator and designer Caroline's fascination with mix of culture , music and fashion the range Brought to you from the East End of London, Funk E Angels bags are a celebration of the musical and cultural influences that have inspired founder and creator, Caroline Hanks. Time spent living in Barcelona and Dublin made a great impression, shining through in the cocktail of fabrics, textures and prints she uses and, despite having had no formal design training, Caroline's love of street art, fashion and music merge seamlessly with her natural ability to mix cultural influences. And, with prices starting from just £35, everyone can own a piece of this East London brand. Sourced, cut and constructed in the East End, Caroline's bags are individual and limited edition. Funk E Angels is more than just an accessory. It's an experience.

Best products:
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Drunklegends to nowy brand na polskim rynku. Proponowane przez markę odzież to połączenie wygodnych i codziennych ubrań z nutką nonszalancji i dowcipu w ultrakobiecym wydaniu. Produkt przewodni to linia ubrań Basic- narzutki, bluzy,koszulki, ale o takim kroju by podkreślały kobiecą sylwetkę. Uzupełnieniem stylizacji są zawsze zwiewne sukienki , spódnice wykonane z delikatnych i lekkich tkanin. Odzież Drunklegends to przede wszystkim unikatowe i oryginalne kroje, starannie odszyte z dobrych jakościowo materiałów.

Best products:
Black shirt with tails
Ciepła wciągana bluza z nadrukiem kruka
Czarna dzianinowa sukienka rozmiar S
White T-shirt with raven print
Heat pull sweatshirt with printed raven
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Hello! Thank you that you visited our store. We are very glad that you are interested in any of our products. We guarantee the highest quality workmanship, we are here for you :) Find us on facebook!

Best products:
Tie Sweatshirt! EVENSIGN 100% COTTON!
Live you Life sweatshirt! EVENSIGN 100% COTTON!
Sleep Love Eat! EVENSIGN 100% COTTON!
Tiger Sweatshirt! EVENSIGN 100% COTTON!
Deer Sweatshirt! EVENSIGN 100% COTTON!
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The inspiration for creatin Fly High was music, b-boing, love and spring. Cool stuff from way back - sitting in the back of the head but never fogotten.

Best products:
ROCKIN black
Skiller HOODIE
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FOR.REST sells articles of daily use. Our porcelain is hand-painted according to original design.Each product is inspired by forest and its residents. Everyone will find something for themself. ►

Best products:
triangle of fir mug
fir mug
fawn mug
bear mug
raccoon mug
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FUKKI Design casual - just better.

Best products:
Long Scarve FUKKI Design
Eco Leather Trousers
Long Coat FUKKI Design
Oversize Tunic FUKKI Design
Oversize T-Shirt FUKKI Design
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Gaston et Copains Zainspirowani kolorami Francji, stworzyliśmy kolekcję szytą z wyjątkowych francuskich tkanin w burych odcieniach. Zakochani w świeżości skandynawskiej natury, stworzyliśmy kolekcje pościeli, gdzie mocny kolor nadaje charakter bieli. Zauroczeni kolorem letniej przygody, wprowadzamy produkty sezonowe. Tworzymy oryginale rzeczy dla dzieci, by podarować im wyjątkowe sny i marzenia.

Best products:
Playing with childhood
Linen Flowers
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The first bag of felt with embroidered design We designed inspired by folk art around 2 years ago. Since then, many new models. Each embroidery pattern is designed by us - GOSHICO sisters. Each bag is sewn by hand with the greatest care in a limited series. selection Color is never accidental, and the owner of the bags always unique. GOSHICO the satisfaction of being a woman through art, that combines prestige and functionality.

Best products:
Felt bag to the laptop 15.6 FOLK KOTY
Quilted bag with the embroidered flap ASTRU
Bag with the embroidered flap FOLK KOTY
Bag with embroidery DESTINY
Felt bag NEW FOLK
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GAU is positive energy in a maze of shapes, words and colours. The inspiration for projects is inner beauty as we deeply believe that every person is unique. We create objcets we are looking for in the field of fashion and design ourselves and now we would like to share them with you. We hope you will fall in love with what we made for you ... great as you

Best products:
Women's oversize t-shirt - BUKOWSKI
Women's oversize t-shirt - OLD KING
Women's oversize t-shirt - IS THIS LOVE
Women's oversize t-shirt - SAY YEAH
Women's oversize t-shirt - I ride
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As we care for our young Ladies, we created this unique baby bedding collection. Not only beautiful colorful materials and design ideas stay behind our bedding and accessories. It’s mainly excellent cotton of the highest quality, precision of trimming and great attention to details. …because only the best is good enough for us….

Best products:
Crib protector – Dancing Drops violet
Bedding set - Miss Ela
 Blanket Dancing Drops turquoise
Protector of fellow Christopher
Protector of Miss Lola
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Hedoco is the first brand in Central and Eastern Europe which produces and sells only open-source fashion and design products. Our customer can legally be a designer, a producer and a buyer at the same time. Hedoco products stand out for their unique style. Devised by young Polish designers, they are produced with the highest attention to detail and are examples of uncompromising quality. Our product range includes fashion accessories, industrial design and clothes.

Best products:
Hand Overlays long
Chiffon Skirt
Grey Leggings Lace
Leggings Lace Stripe
Leggings Leather Stripe
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Contemporary women's fashion

Best products:
Gold skirt
Multi-way dress
Frill dress
Graphite bomber jacket
Gold bomber jacket
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Horror!Horror! women's fashion.

Best products:
Sweatshirt with lace pannel at the back
Navy jersey flared skirt with bow at waist
Flared skirt printed cotton dress
Woll dress with contrast trim
Flared skirt printed cotton dress
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My name is Şeyma.I am 27 years old.I graduated in Business Administration.I've enjoyed designing for many years.I started to create handmade products five years ago. I do a little bit of everything:) My biggest passion is handmade bags / clutches.I enjoy knitting , jewelry making and sewing.My favorite fabrics are cottons,faux leathers. I love making things that are useful and original for everyday use.

Best products:
Navy Blue iPad Case with Red Polka Dots Bow
Newspaper Clutch
Traditional Turkish Kilim Clutch
Floral Clutch
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Joccos Design creates unique leather jewelery for women who value indywiduality and oryginality. Our design is a collection of extremely precise, time-consuming, hand-made projects, which occur in limited copies. We focus on high quality so in our projects we use only the best quality products such as: Italian leather, Swarovski stones, semi-precious stones and precious metals.

Best products:
Royal Coin Earings in Gold
Pyramid Earings
Leather Ring with Black Swarovski Crystal
Citrine and Pyrite Teardrop Earings
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LAMAMA to przede wszystkim wygoda i funkcjonalność. Fajne i niebanalne akcesoria dla dzieciaków, dla kobiet i facetów.

Best products:
Tube scarf for kids - yeLLow
Childrens' Trausers - Cotton Grey- Autumn/Winter
Childrens' Trausers - Cotton Neon Green
sCaRf foR cHilD - yeLLow
Childrens' Trausers - Cotton Green-Grey with Pink
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Lanti is a Polish fashion brand. It stands for comfortable forms, simple lines and coherent colours, just as we call it - beautiful casual. Our pieces are designed for creative, original women, who appreciate harmony in every part of their life.

Best products:
White with leather accents
Black pants w/ leather stripe
Long blouse with contrasting sleeves - white
White tunic with bow
Gray cardigan with zipper
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Little Sophie is an online boutique for every baby. We provide extremely soft baby blankets, owl toys, dribble bibs, bunting flags and much more. We choose the best quality fabrics and use them to create unique products for every child! All of our items are hand-made in south of Poland

Best products:
Baby blanket MEET THE GANG
Bandana bib OWLS
Fabric Pacifier Clip Orange
Fabric Pacifier Clip Mosaic
COCO Stuffed plush owl Dots
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Hi! We're Loop and Button, young designers from Poland. After graduating at Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw we decided to create something new and fresh in fashion design dominated by huge corporations. Our t-shirts are made of the finest cotton which is not chemically stained. That means our t-shirts have unique, natural color of cotton. Everything made in Poland. Prints are handmade by us, that's why each of them is unique. Every original loop and button t-shirt has a button and loop attached to sleeves.

Best products:
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The LoveIt brand is the result of love for fashion and beauty. It is designed primarily for those who feel there are not enough fashionable clothes, who appreciate the combination of comfort and esthetics, who like to surprise people with their look.

Best products:
City Taxi Leggings
Tank-Top Clouds Dream
Sweater Starlight Fashion
Sweater Glam Kiss
Bag Expectancy Public
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Clothes must have their own character, taste or scent… they shouldn’t be pretty, plastic or perfectly fitted packaging of our complex personalities (machine prints on polyester rags are just not my cup of tea ;)). Speaking of taste and character I think about the mixture of genuine tastes such as alcohol, tobacco, dust, wrinkles on a beautiful face telling you the story of life…. I think about the smell of the print of an old book, the smell of freshly baked bread or the smell of petrol… I think about tangled hair or the sight of an old couple in the park holding each other’s tired out hands or the sight of a beautiful face of a woman who has just been woken up by her alarm clock early in the morning. marcinec :)

Best products:
SET OF BLUE/GRAY - t-shirt + dress
t-shirt people slowly please.
t-shirt BLUE long Sleeve
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metaphore started as a family business in Istanbul - 2011. Every metaphore bag is designed, made, packed and shipped by our small team. We believe in fun, durable, well crafted design. Hope you enjoy.

Best products:
Turquoise Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag
Waxed Canvas Backpack in Green
Waxed Canvas Tote in Black
Zippered Natural Eco Tote Bag - Waxed Canvas Base
Zippered Dotted Tote Bag - Turquoise Waxed Canvas
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Hi! Welcome at Mikashka's shop. Here you will find hand-made jewellery. All is made from real leather. Comfortable and natural. Made with passion. Just check this!

Best products:
Leather bracelet black
Necklace black
Set Animalia
Leather necklace light pink
Leather bracelet silver
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MW – Milena Wróblewska – is a collection for sensual, sexy but at the same time strong and warlike women. Women for whom every day is challenging and who need an universal ‘armour’.

Best products:
Amaranth  Madness  Skirt
Magnetic Nude  Madness  Skirt
Grey  Sweatshirt
Black Spree Skirt
 Bomber Jacket
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Milu by milena płatek is a polish fashion brand created by Milena Płatek. The brand is the result of her dreams and passion for designing. Her creations are full of unique designs, unusual shades and feminine shapes. The exquisite cutting and the best quality of fabrics exhibit the beauty and feminity.

Best products:
Flared asymmetrical dress
Flared dress with short sleeves
Asymmetric skirt
Dress with an expanding bottom
Midi skirt
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For women who rebel against mass production and are willing to recreate their own image by carefully chosen accessories. For those who support local business, hand craft and human work. misDesign stands for limited series and personalized projects according to the needs. This unique handbags are small pieces of art in daily life, combination of functionality and design inspired by architectural elements. we use superb Italian leathers and design according to "Golden Mean" rules. Therefore our bags embody the nature of true beauty.

Best products:
BERLIN BAG multipurpose bag for everyday use
PETITE PARIS BAG-leather quilted purse!!!
PARIS BAG-leather quilted purse!!!
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MONDOCUBO is a handcraft & design laboratory founded in 2012 in Berlin by the italian duo Rossella Flammia and Paolo Picone. Togheter, they design and produce their exclusive hand-made collections in their own studio/atelier located at European Creative Center of Berlin.

Best products:
Plutone (SATELLITE collection)
Terra (SATELLITE collection)
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Monopolka is an independent brand making unique jewellery. The products are one of a kind and limited. Everything is hand made by the designer Gosia Szewczyk. Monopolka's jewellery is best known for innovative way of combining materials in the production process. The most popular composit is resin, witch is colored and mixed with powdered metals, silica, glass, amber. New recipes and color combinations are being developed for each collection.

Best products:
transparent blue egdy ring
mint DOT ring
satine claw
lime green
black edgy ring
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Our designer - Marcin Nowak He is a graduate of the Lodz Academy of Fine Arts(Poland). He is currently giving there lectures and has just started doctoral studies on parametrical designing. Jewellery has been his passion since he was a kid and it keeps on occupying all his time. What we do in Novvak Jewellery? We create jewellery with passion and our clients have opportunity to take active part in designing their own jewellery.

Best products:
Cufflink - letter
Cufflink - letter
Cufflink - letter
Cufflink - letter
Cufflink - letter
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Clothes mean more - clothes are You: Peperuna

Best products:
Dress D007
Skirt D009
Shirt D002
Blouse D001
Blouse D001
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I'm a fashion designer, living and working in Tel Aviv. I'm an autodidact when it comes to fashion, and everything I know is from small courses, fashion and art magazines and just walking around... I believe that fashion should make you feel good about yourself, help you express yourself and show the world who you are. I believe comfort is an important element at any point during the day, therefore the fabrics that are been used are natural and comfortable. Mostly delicate fabrics create a structure with body movement, as well as the shapes and cuts. My agenda is to create clothes that will accompany you, items that will make you develop a sentimental feeling just because they make the body look and feel so great that thay let you concentrate on what really matters. You are invited to view my shop and check out my new items, join me on my facebook page and be the first to know about new PigPigCow designs.

Best products:
Blue Wiggle Dress
Tailored Green Jacket
Gray Pencil Skirt
Black&White Party Dress
Gray Wiggle Dress
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Ploonk is an independent label created in Berlin by polish designer. Clothes are made of good quality textiles always in limited edition, produced in Berlin and Poland. Comfortable cuts are perfect for home chilling, party or sport Ploonk loves geometric patterns, inspired by street art, graphics and comic books. We're open for collaboration with artists, graphic designers or stylists We look to the world for new ideas. Let fashion be your playground, dont be too serious, enjoy!

Best products:
unisex trousers neon-green
unisex trousers orange
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The aim of RefreszDizajn is creating new object using old ones, giving them fresh look and context. The objects often gain new meaning and function. I carefully search for and select things I offer myself, many times turning them back from non-being...

Best products:
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The company was launched in 2011 by Antonina and Klara, all of love for grey hoodie and good tailoring. It has quickly evolved into a recognizable polish brand. The starting point is always a grey hoodie - the twenty-first-century classic, symbol of effortless style and comfort. It is reinvented each season to create clothes, which maintain freedom of the tracksuit and simultaneously, perfectly model the silhouette. The cuts are simple but precise to elicit the most alluring parts of the body.

Best products:
GLAM PANTS for kids
SOUL SISTER is pregnant
ON-LINE graphite
SEXY HOODIE graphite
BIKER BABE graphite
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Established in 2011, RoseBuckle is a British company in the luxury goods sector that designs, produces and distributes high-end leather goods and accessories. At the head of the house Elki Orman ( Bilbao (Spain) born, London educated), founder and Creative Director, has since drawing her first bag approached every project with the passion and creativity that it is synonymous with the brand. Her unconventional way, charisma, sense of belonging and her passion for beautiful and exquisite materials and all things unique as a way to reconnect heritage with modern living and make it unique to individuals is earning a distinctive position in the market.

Best products:
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something pretty ❤ something for You unique and individual jewellery I design pieces that I would wear myself, and I hope you like them too.

Best products:
MJUK - grey-green cotton braided bracelet
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I am a long established seller on Ebay, and i love to make and create things, to my own designs and patterns.

Best products:
Faux Taxidermy. Stuffed  animal head. Bear head.
Faux Taxidermy. Stuffed  animal head. Rabbit .
Faux Taxidermy. Stuffed  animal head. Dog  head.
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Whitzky is a sophisticated streetbrand that breaks stencil designs. This is an alternative to mass production. Author, hand-sewn clothing, refined aesthetics, high quality materials and perfect finish. Whitzky make you feel special. With limited collections of unique and hard to use available materials you can feel really uniquely. Looking for something more? Break the barriers. Follow the # Whitzky to the heart of urban style.

Best products:
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wolfElfe is a German Label created 2013. wolfElfe is inspired by fashion, a bit darkness and punk. Wear it with Love or be like everybody. Be different - be yourself! Angela Wolf is the head of wolfElfe and gives all her creativity in each of every unique handmade workpieces.

Best products:
Ring silver 2cross
Ring Black Skull
Chain black Eagle
Bracelet Finger/Arm Cross
Ring flying Skull
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